Butter biscuits

Butter biscuits are one of my favourites! Easy to make and even easier to eat!

Gluten Free Slow cooked chicken pasta- product review

INGREDIENTS 175g Barilla Penne Reigate1 jar Barilla Napoletana saucesalt Pulled chicken 3 chicken breast fillets 1 cup BBQ sauce 1/4 brown sugar 1/4 cup yellow mustard 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce 1 dash Tabasco sauce. METHOD 1. In a saucepan bring water to the boil for the pasta, once boiling add two pinch of salt. Add…

Gluten Free Mediterranean tuna pasta- product review

Nothing like a easy pasta dish on a weeknight! I recently trialed the Barilla pasta gluten free pasta and sauce range, and I have to say I was am very impressed with it! I have never attempted to cook with gf products as no one in my family is intolerant to gluten. This pasta tasted no…

Mediterranean tuna pasta

I’ve been blessed to get my second sponsored post, so I decided to make a tuna pasta to bring out the tuna flavours in a simple way. Hope you enjoy!  INGREDIENTS 1 packet pasta 1/2 cup pitted black olives, sliced 1/5 sundried tomatoes, sliced  1/2 yellow capsicum, diced 1 tin Mediterranean tuna Oil Salt &…

Coles smokey BBQ chicken drumsticks *product review*

My first sponsored product review, how exciting! I recently got the opportunity to review Coles New range of grill ready products and am reviewing the Smokey BBQ Chicken Drumsticks. These drumsticks come in a 1kg packet, pre marinated, (so you’re saving time already!). The marinate is perfect to the ratio of drumsticks per pack (6)….