Hearty beef and mushroom stew

This is a favourite slow cooker meal of mine. It can also be pressure cooked to the same consistency if you are time poor!
Hearty and warming!!

Creamy butter chicken

Happy Sunday! This is one of my favourite dishes to cook! A popular dish and perfect to make ahead!

Slow cooked BBQ pulled chicken

Gotta love slow cooker meals that can be used a dozen different ways! This chicken is the perfect make ahead for a variety of weekday meals to get you through until mid week!

Hungarian sausage hotpot

Happy Sunday, and Mother’s Day! Hope you’ve had an amazing day!
This meal only takes 3 hours, in slow cooker land that is fast!

Chicken and Vegetable Stew

Spring has arrived and personally I’m loving the warm days and the cooler nights! They won’t be around for long so savoring them while they’re here! This is another great make ahead meal (can you tell I love these!) for busy weeknights. INGREDIENTS 2 Chicken breasts2 brown onions, diced2 cloves garlic1 1/2 cups chicken stock1 can…