Vegetarian stew

When the weekend has gone, you’ve rushed to work on the Monday and then have to cook dinner – that’s a madness Monday!

Simple beef stew

Simply because it’s hump day and late finishes mean quick dinners!

Hearty beef and mushroom stew

This is a favourite slow cooker meal of mine. It can also be pressure cooked to the same consistency if you are time poor!
Hearty and warming!!

Slow cooked BBQ pulled chicken

Gotta love slow cooker meals that can be used a dozen different ways! This chicken is the perfect make ahead for a variety of weekday meals to get you through until mid week!

Scrappy stew

Wish I was joking with this name, but it’s literally the left overs from the fridge!

Gravy Steaks

These pressure cooker steaks are melt in your mouth amazing!30 minutes in the pressure cooker is all is takes! INGREDIENTS 1/4 cup flour1 1/2 cup beef stock2 tablespoons butter2 whole brown onions, thinly sliced2 tablespoons tomato paste2 tablespoons worcestershire sauce3 pieces steak, (chuck is the preferred cut)Cornfloursalt and pepper METHOD 1. Pat dry steaks and…