Brussel Sprout salad

This salad is a big favourite for events!
I made this over a year ago but never wrote down what I was doing at the time, so this year when I was asked again I made sure to write it down!

Mexican chicken rice

Let’s be honest, anything Mexican is going to be amazing, right?!
I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t like Mexican and have it as one of there too cuisines.

Hungarian sausage hotpot

Happy Sunday, and Mother’s Day! Hope you’ve had an amazing day!
This meal only takes 3 hours, in slow cooker land that is fast!

Pesto chicken pasta

Happy April!
The first meal of the month has to be comfort food! Creamy pasta is a must coming into this cooler weather!

Chocolate choc chip minis

Mini chocolate bites! Perfect for when you don’t want the whole muffin of piece of cake. These can be iced also for kids parties! INGREDIENTS 1 1/2 cups self raising flour1/2 caster sugar3 heaped tablespoons cocoa powder1 cup choc chips1 teaspoon baking soda1 egg, beaten1 cup milk1/2 cup oil1 teaspoon vanilla essence METHOD 1. Preheat…