Snapper parcels

Good Friday to you! Hope you are having a day of reflection of the meaning of this day.
Here is a perfect Good Friday meal! I hope you enjoy! There is a good at the bottom of you want visual direction!

Pesto chicken pasta

Happy April!
The first meal of the month has to be comfort food! Creamy pasta is a must coming into this cooler weather!

Coconut chorizo fried rice

Liven up your fried rice with this tasty twist! The coconut adds a creamy soft taste to the dish and the chorizo is the extra punch of flavour!

Lamb Wraps

These tasty lamb wraps are made in the slow cooker to make the meat super tender! Enjoy the delicious sauce that goes with it too, and you’ll be having more than one!

Zesty lemon cupcakes

These cupcakes don’t just have lemon in the title for no reason! These are zesty!  INGREDIENTS  3/4 cup butter, room temperature  3/4 cup raw sugar 2 eggs 2 cups self raising flour 1 lemon  1/4 milk 1 teaspoon vanilla essence  Lemon spread Frosting  2 cups icing sugar 2 tablespoon butter, room temperature  2 tablespoons lemon…

Pumpkin spiced Tiramisu

Happy nearly thanksgiving!I have been sitting on this recipe for awhile waiting for thanksgiving!I made this for a few functions and it has gone down really well! Hope you like it if you make it! Let me know how you go, as I really had to think back to the ingredients, but I think I…

Chili con carne Capsicums

Hello and welcome to spring/ fall, depending on where you are following from. Thank you for returning and following along!  I took a break from blogging as I was not ‘loving’ the inventing of new recipes as much as I usually do. With time and following other food bloggers and of course people asking what happened…

Gravy Steaks

These pressure cooker steaks are melt in your mouth amazing!30 minutes in the pressure cooker is all is takes! INGREDIENTS 1/4 cup flour1 1/2 cup beef stock2 tablespoons butter2 whole brown onions, thinly sliced2 tablespoons tomato paste2 tablespoons worcestershire sauce3 pieces steak, (chuck is the preferred cut)Cornfloursalt and pepper METHOD 1. Pat dry steaks and…

Chicken rice

I’ve always stuggled cooking with chicken mince, I always end up reverting to an Asian influence. This is a quick weeknight throw together!  INGREDIENTS 550g chicken mince 3 tablespoons lime or lemon juice 2 tablespoons sriracha sauce 2 tablespoons fish sauce 1 red onion, finely diced 1 brown onion, finely diced 1 teaspoon garlic, minced…

Creamy Butter Chicken

Happy Sunday everyone! If there is one dish that I’ve wanted to share forever, it’s this one! I love butter chicken like no other, but it has to be a good one! Hope you enjoy the recipe below, please leave a comment if you have any further suggestions on it! This recipe is for the…