Apple and lime cake

Cake with friends mid week- brilliant!
This cake is best served with ice cream and custard!

Strawberry buttermilk cake

Remember the tv show and doll, Strawberry Shortcakes? Well this is what this cake reminds me of! Sweet and cheery!

Crackling Vanilla Cupcakes

 Simple vanilla cupcakes with a brain crackling topping!   Ingredients 2 cups self raising flour 3/4 cup caster sugar 2 eggs 3/4 cup full cream milk 125g butter, melted 1 teaspoon vanilla essence Popping candy, to decorate Betty Crocker icing icing 200g butter, room temperature 2 tablespoons milk 3 cups icing sugar mixture  …

Banana passion cake with buttermilk glaze

Cake!!!This cake is sweet and light, and goes super fast! I never got a piece myself but have been assured it tasted good! INGREDIENTS3 bananas mashed2 cups self raising flour2 eggs1 cup icing sugar1 cup buttermilk1/2 cup butter, room temperature1/4 cup caster sugar170g can passion fruit pulp METHOD1. Preheat oven to 170c. Grease cake pan….

Buttermilk Coffee Cake

If you follow my Instagram page, it will be no secret that I love coffee! This cake has the coffee flavour, but just a hint. It is lovely and moist, don’t let the dry appearance fool you! INGREDIENTS 2 cups self raising flour2 eggs1 pinch salt1 tablespoon instant coffee, dissolved in a tablespoon of boiling…

Blueberry Lime Cheesecakes (no bake)

Hi All!I made these beauties for National Cheesecake Day, and they were so easy! My BIGGEST tip for them is refrigerate, refrigerate, refrigerate!!! If you leave them out they lose there shape!INGREDIENTSBase10 Arnotts Marie biscuits1 teaspoon caramel sauce1/4 cups butter, meltedFilling1 block cream cheese, room temp1/2 cup brown sugar1/4 cup lime juice3/4 cup thickened creamDressing1…