Creamy butter chicken

Happy Sunday! This is one of my favourite dishes to cook! A popular dish and perfect to make ahead!

Slow cooked BBQ pulled chicken

Gotta love slow cooker meals that can be used a dozen different ways! This chicken is the perfect make ahead for a variety of weekday meals to get you through until mid week!

Apple and lime cake

Cake with friends mid week- brilliant!
This cake is best served with ice cream and custard!

Scrappy stew

Wish I was joking with this name, but it’s literally the left overs from the fridge!

Blueberry green smoothie

Happy Sunday! A day late for the #smoothiesaturday post but that’s life!

Anyway… this smoothie is green but tastes like blueberries, just to throw you!

Spiced lamb pasta with basil nut sauce

This is the easiest recipe I’ve created! Simple weekday dinners made in under 30 minutes for the win! This recipe is super tasty and healthy! INGREDIENTS Meat1 Lamb mid loin chop, thinly sliced1 teaspoon minced garlic1 teaspoon dried oregano1 teaspoon dukkah (see recipe on the blog)oil Sauce 3 teaspoons cashew spread1 handful slivered almonds1/2 bunch…