Marshmallow smoothie

As we wind down #smoothiesaturdays to a close I’m bringing in the not so healthy options 😜

Berry banana smoothie

Happy Saturday! The cold weather is definitely upon us! I am rugged up on my balcony writing this and trying to fight the cold!

Blueberry green smoothie

Happy Sunday! A day late for the #smoothiesaturday post but that’s life!

Anyway… this smoothie is green but tastes like blueberries, just to throw you!

Mintastic Smoothie

I love mint too much, but feel free to skip on past anything with this tag if you don’t!

Banana berry smoothie

Well this is probably one of the more obvious smoothie ingredient parings, banana and a berry of some description!
I personally love the simplicity of this smoothie. So few ingredients, so much goodness and taste.