Philly steak rolls

Getting ready for the weekend with these yummy rolls!


1 packet minute steaks

1 packet French onion soup

4 bread rolls

Philadelphia cream cheese

Tomato relish


Roughly sliced cheddar cheese


1. Heat oil in fry pan for 1 minute at medium heat.

2. Add meat to pan and sprinkle French onion dip over steak. Flip steak over and sprinkle. Total time should be approx 1 1/2 minutes for this. Repeat with remaining steaks.

3. Heat bread rolls in the microwave with a mug of water (see picture) for a minute.

4. Remove from microwave, butter roll.

5. Add a thick layer of cream cheese, steak, tomato relish, cheddar cheese and a bit more cream cheese.

6. Microwave for another 30 seconds to melt cream cheese.

Serve and enjoy!

Microwaving the bread!

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