Cherry Ripe Balls

This week I have well and truly got into Christmas baking mode! My favourite chocolate bar is Cherry Ripes, so it’s no surprise this has fast become a favourite no bake treat for this season!

Very easy to make and very yummy, this is such to be a crowd pleaser!

5 Cherry Ripe bars (52g)
1 packet Nice biscuits
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
1 can condensed sweetened milk
Desiccated coconut 
1. Blend nice biscuits in a food processor, a third of the pack at a time. Cut the cherry ripe bars up into 8’s and process all bars in two batches. Dividing the amounts eases the load on your food processor!
2. Add both blended biscuits and cherry ripe bars into a large bowl. Add cocoa, and condensed milk. At this stage you can add a splash of red food colouring if you like. Mix together well.
3. Roll into teaspoon size balls and cover with coconut.
4. Refrigerate and serve!

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